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Please visit England Netball's website for information on their safeguarding policies and procedures by clicking here.

If you need further advice, please contact England Netball's Dickon Turner (Safeguarding and Welfare Manager or Lead Safeguarding Officer) or Carolina Hutchinson (deputy Lead Safeguarding Officer) on 01509 277850 (choose option 6) or by email

Or you can use this online form to Report a Safeguarding Concern


If it is an emergency call 999 or 101. If the concern relates to harm or abuse in the home environment you should call your local children or adult social services via your local council.


Alternatively contact Berkshire Netball Safeguarding Officer - Christina Turton-Berenger

Online Safeguarding & Child Protection Training

England Netball approved online Safeguarding & Child Protection training courses are available via UK Coaching.

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service)

It is essential that everyone who is responsible for appointing people to roles within all forms of netball activity is familiar with the Guidance and understands the new requirements for carrying out criminal checks on people that fall into the “Regulated Activity” category. 

‘Regulated activity’ is defined as: ‘unsupervised teaching, training, instruction, care for, treatment or supervision of U18s.

For further detailed information about DBS checks, visit:

Guidance on how to determine if a role meets the criteria for a DBS check can be found by clicking here.


For details of how to apply for an online DBS check please click here


Other useful links regarding safeguarding

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