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Berkshire Netball Umpiring Secretary: Mary Stanley.​​

England Netball offer the following courses relating to umpiring:-

  • Into Officiating

  • 'C' Award course

  • 'B' Award course

  • 'A' Award course

  • IUA Award

  • Technical Officials course

  • National Training courses (via England Netball for A Award umpires and Testers and Tutors)


Anyone attending a course or assessment must have England Netball membership. The qualification only remains valid as long as current EN membership is held.


Officiating Courses

For up to date information see the England Netball Officiating page. 

All courses are organised directly by England Netball - information will be released via Berkshire Netball social media.

A Berkshire Netball Umpires Facebook group has been created, a forum for sharing info about umpiring courses and umpiring questions, as well as to find available umpires for netball fixtures for all leagues in Berkshire, teams can post if they need an umpire or if they are an umpire looking for games.

Officiating Pathway

England Netball offers a comprehensive structured National Umpire Accreditation programme that fully supports umpires from local and county league competitions through to National Leagues and on to international competitions throughout Europe, various international fixtures and World Netball Championships'.

The game of netball has changed markedly during the past decade.  The increased speed, athleticism and skills of players have intensified the physical contest which presents fresh challenges and opportunities for umpires.  The accreditation pathway, training courses and programmes are organised at local, regional and national levels and are dependant upon the award.

The pathway below illustrates how an umpire progresses through the programme, the requirements at each stage and the level of competition you can expect to officiate.

Accreditation Pathway



































Match protocols for umpires


For up to date information on match protocols visit England Netball website -


For details of officiating opportunities, courses within Berkshire or for any questions regarding rules, please contact the Berkshire Netball Umpiring Secretary, Mary Stanley


Berkshire Netball will consider offering a bursary to help fund the cost towards an umpiring course. Please complete the funding form and return to Berkshire Netball Secretary

Umpiring Pathway.png
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