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Please see the Competition Section for details of National Schools and other competitions.




Bee Netball


A programme all about friendship, inclusion, fair play and playing together. It’s not about how good children are, it’s about how hard they try to Bee!


Bee Netball is not just a game, but a framework for children to get a great start in life through learning valuable skills including social, emotional and teamwork, all through netball. We’re excited that you’re interested in becoming part of this and changing and developing the young lives in your community.

Bees themselves exemplify many of the values that netball instils; they’re active, hardworking, have a real sense of belonging and that’s exactly what we hope all our very own Bees (the young players!) develop as they are introduced to our great sport!


Bee Netball isn’t complicated, it’s simply a way to enable children to play the game while learning and developing a whole heap of other important skills.


School Club Links

It is important that schools and netball clubs establish strong links in order to ensure that young people can enjoy netball both in school and also outside of school at a club. The development of school-club links is essential to providing a "support tool" for schools and clubs to ensure an integrated approach is taken.


Benefits of creating a school-club link:


  • Greater numbers of young people participating in the club

  • Increased membership in the club

  • Increased number of coaching opportunities

  • Increased number of young volunteers (leaders and officials) in the club

  • Increased accessibility to School facilities

  • Greater accessibility to funding to further develop the club and its volunteers/coaches

  • Increased profile within the local community

  • Increased profile within the sports community

If you are interested in establishing a school-club link please contact Debbie Spindlow - England Netball Development Officer -  for advice and support.


For details of Clubs in your area visit the Clubs Section on this website.



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